Erika Ann: That would have to be "Emma" in "Jekyll And Hyde". An Amazing show. Learned the part in two days.

Chief: Wow, weīre going to love you around here. We had a guy once. Prepared him for three months. He didn't know any lines during filming. You believe that?! Needless to say, heīs not here anymore.

Erika Ann: Iīm a quick study.

Chief: All right! That’s what I like to hear.

Chief: Which actor/actress famous or not would you love to work with?

Erika Ann: Donīt laugh, but I have to say Johnny Depp. I think heīs a great actor. Constantly reinventing himself. I love his choices in movies. Such as "Sleepy Hollow". That was a nice dark Tim Burton movie. An I love Tim Burton.

Chief: I guess you enjoyed "Pirates of the Caribbean ".

Erika Ann: Yes!

Chief: I was told by your former "Max Magician" co-star, Greg Coale, who we all know and love as Tom Tit Tot. That you're a great singer.

Erika Ann: Oh, Thank you.

Chief: I had a chance to see you in "Cinderella" at the Timonium Dinner Theatre. I have to agree with Greg. Wow, what a voice!

Erika Ann: Thank you again.

Chief: Tell the visitors more about the show.

Erika Ann: Sure, itīs the hour long childrenīs show. Itīs really cute. I sing like seven songs. So itīs a chance for me to shine. Or if you are a fan of Max Magician, see the show.

Chief: When Greg Coale e-mailed you and told you about me. Telling you about my projects and this web site. What was going through your mind?

Erika Ann: It was very exciting. I havenīt done a movie in over a year. Basically all Iīve been doing is theatre. I said oh wow, this seems interesting. Hereīs an opportunity to work with new people. Doing another film and get back in front of the camera.

Chief: It didn't seem strange at all?

Erika Ann: A little bit, I had no idea who you were. In the end Iīm glad I contacted you.

Chief: And we were glad to hear from you!

Chief: Now I have to do it. I'm going back to "Max". First, how did you land the role of Etain?

Erika Ann: I learned about the audition from an agent. Who wasn't my agent at the time. She sent out a general e-mail. I was on her e-mail list. So I got a copy. I said, OK, Iīll go to this. I showed up, they gave me sides. Once I read, they loved me.  got a callback an I landed the role there. They said I was exactly what they were looking for. I had a very good feeling each time I was there. I felt like I landed the role. An I did! Best of all, I got to work with some very good people.

Chief: At any time did you feel like, Iīm not going to get this?

Erika Ann: I think that goes through every actorīs mind. You always have doubts. You have to be confident enough with your performance to know that you did your best job. If you get the role great. If you donīt, you know what? Thereīs more out there, move on. There is so much rejection.

Chief: OH YES...this is a tough biz.

Erika Ann: I felt confident with the role. Even if I didnīt get the part, I know I gave a great audition.

Chief: On the DVD commentary, I heard the writer say you were exactly what she wanted. When she created the character, you had the look. When you entered the room, she said "Thatīs Etain!"

Erika Ann: She said, even the way I delivered the lines was just how she imagined it. The voice and delivery, which is kind of strange. However, it was a wave of relief. Because, I believe they auditioned for six months before. They still hadnīt found anyone yet. So they had another audition. I was in the right place. There were a lot of people auditioning for that role. So, I was very happy.

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