Welcome to "In Mike's Corner" I'm Mike E. Pringle, Chief One-Man-Gang. Now before I introduce my special guest, I want to share a little story first. About a year ago I checked out an independent fantasy film called "Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings". Anyone who's familiar with this film knows the story. They may also be familiar with some of the comments. I'm only going to agree with one general statement. That the high point of the movie is sitting to my immediate right. In My Corner right now, the lady who stole the show as the Blue Bell Forest Noblewoman, Princess Etain, welcome Miss Erika Ann!

Chief: Thank you for being in my corner today Erika.

Erika Ann: Thank you for having me!

Chief: Before we start, I have to say this. When I first saw "Max", I pointed at the screen during your scenes and I said "I would love to work with you!" and here we are. Let's put all that to one side right now. We want to meet you Erika. Let's talk about your showbiz origins. When did you decide that acting was for you?

Erika Ann: It actuality all started with me singing. I sang allot and almost "everywhere". Like in the car. I got on my parentīs nerves with this. Because I was constantly singing. So, I started off in theatre. My first show was "Annie". I was one of the orphans. Thatīs basically how it all started out, with theatre. I wanted to do film. My first major role was "Max Magician". I did some extra work prior to Max. My true origins were in singing.

Chief: Singing in the car, huh? For most of us itīs the shower. We always sound better in the shower. When we get in front of people...thatīs another story.

Chief: Where did you study or should I say practice your craft?

Erika Ann: Iīve done allot of community theatre in the Baltimore Maryland area. Right now. Iīm doing two shows at the Timonium Dinner Theatre. Performing pretty much came naturally. Iīve taken a few voice lessons. However, it came natural.

Chief: What's your favorite role to date?

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