Chief: I would love to hear some set stories. Tell me about some of the cast & crew. What were they like to work with? Such as...

Chief: Fernando Londono...Fetch

Erika Ann: One of the bad guys. He was very, very nice and professional. Everyone was professional. Fernando, very talented and he was always trying to make me laugh. Like during the box scene...

Chief: had the spell in it.

Erika Ann: Yes and it went everywhere. He was always trying to make me laugh.

Chief: Like making faces and stuff?

Erika Ann: Right, when the camera was on us. He was great though. Unfortunately I didnīt have that many scenes with him.

Chief: I can remember the one scene at the end. People said to me, donīt forget to ask her this. When Crimbil brings Max back to town after he had gone away. Fetch was kneeling beside you.

Erika Ann: In the blue dress.

Chief: Right, was he saying anything to you. The question really was, whatīs he doing there.

Erika Ann: It wasnīt in the script really. Kevin (Summerfield) the director just put it there. Fetch didnīt say anything. He was just kneeling there kissing my hand. I guess it symbolized he was now good. He was coming to our side. He was no longer a villain. Respecting our side.

Chief: Asking for forgiveness.

Erika Ann: Forgiveness, but he never said anything.

Chief: You should have kicked him!

Erika Ann: He made those goofy faces again. 

Chief: Steven Barry Prince...Worm

Erika Ann: I really donīt know that much about him. I didnīt have any scenes with him. If I can remember correctly. Most of his scenes were with Dagda.

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