The year 2009 marks my twentieth anniversary in the entertainment industry. It all began in 1989 I was fresh out of high school. After wanting to be a performer for many years I made the move. At the age of eighteen I could talk to the people without a parent. I went
see a man by the name of John Barth who had a school in Center City Philadelphia. He was one the best teachers I have ever had for
anything. Within six months I made my television debut on regional television. Soon after that I made my national television debut on the
Fox series “America’s Most Wanted”. I did this with John’s teachings and networking. There was no agent influence at all.

After my “rookie” year my success quickly dried up. Many jealous people around me worked to undermine my goals. John always told us in class, “Share not you dreams with those who do not share your dreams”. After some pretty earth shattering events I decided to make a lot of changes in my life.

A few years later my then agent set me up with a producer who was doing something different. This producer was doing a science fiction soap opera! It was set in the 30th century, a 90210 in space. I got myself together for this audition and planned to win. I felt science fiction is mostly on the west coast and Canada. I’ve always wanted to do sci-fi and this was landing in my backyard. I had to win this audition or I had no business being an actor. The audition came and went and I was not chosen to be a part of the cast. I decided to quit and retire acting, stand-up comedy and writing.

One year later I got a call from a man by the name of Kurt Fitzpatrick. He was doing an independent film called “Kin”. Everything was great down to the audition. I was cast in a supporting role in this hysterical full length feature. I had no plans to stay in the business during the shooting. I was just glad to have such a good job. When I saw the finished project up on screen I said, “I’m back!” The very next day I broke out my pen and paper and started writing again. I worked day and night on a new draft of my UFAC project.

In 2000 I started working on my very first UFAC film. For the next two years I had little success with it. I didn’t have much luck with the “talent” involved. The good news was during that time I met Jim Panetta and Chris Ryons. These men make up the production company know today as Ikuzo Studios. It wasn’t until 2007 when I assemble some of the best damn actors ever and finally made my UFAC.

Ikuzo Studios over the years have put out several indie projects. They are Merc Force, Saber, Death from Beyond I & II and Fighters High. Together with my company, Who Survives Productions, we produced UFAC and Unearthly Exchange. Ikuzo not only makes their own works, but Ikuzo assists other production houses. Such as Kim and Sam Ung’s movies Arp and 2 in -3 Out. While acting in the movie “Down with the Boogey” by Cowbell films, I met Lynn Tovale Anoai. I later discovered she’s the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Afa Anoai. Lynn was so much fun to work with I invited her to Ikuzo to do a show with me. I wrote the role of Jennifer on Unearthly Exchange especially for her. I had a little trouble putting together the rest of the cast. I lucked out getting Jessica Emma and one of my best friends, Jacki Vogel onboard. Later I managed to book two very talented and hard working young ladies. They are Rebecca Blaich and Ali Dougherty. All of these ladies are still active. Lynn for example went on to star in the Oscar Nominated film “The Wrestler”.

Today I’m still active in the business both in front of and behind the camera. For some archive pictures from the original IMC just click "Archives" below. You can also visit me on MySpace. Just click my MySpace icon. The rest of the older Corner pix are there.
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